Teacher Support Committee

The Teacher Support committee works directly with the staff and administration of SES to support events and activities during school hours.

Teams of volunteers work together to ensure students are ushered to different classrooms during testing; help with recess, lunch and gym duty; offer support for online learning programs like Lexia; and help plan teacher and staff appreciation days.

Each activity listed below has a 'lead' volunteer.  Often times additional volunteers are needed.  If you are interested in helping with certain activities please reach out to the committee lead.

  • DIBELS (Lead Needed & Volunteers Needed)
    • DIBELS is a benchmark test offered 3 times per year at SES. Parent volunteers help to usher students between their classroom and the testing room.  Tests are typically 5 days in length and occur in September, January and May.  Volunteer shifts are usually 4 hours during the school day.
  • Gym & School Parent Volunteer Coordinator (Lead & Volunteers Needed)
    • There are some days throughout the school year where teachers may need additional parent support to help monitor students prior to school starting or during lunch hours.  Parent volunteers may be called on to help with recess duty or other activities.  Typically 30 minutes - 1.5 hours; during the school day.
  • Dental & Vision Screening (Darcy Davis - LEAD; Volunteers needed)
    • 2-3 times per year SES offers Dental and Vision screenings through local non-profits.  During these visits parent volunteers will help usher students between their classroom and the screening room.   Shifts are typically 4 hours, during the school day.
  • Lost & Found Coordinator (Lead Needed)
    • The lost an found at SES can get overwhelming.  This volunteer helps to ensure the area is neat and tidy.  They coordinate laying out the items prior to conferences twice a year and also help to bag items left longer than three months.
  • Lexia Contest (Trisha Liddell - LEAD)
    • SES has monthly and annual goals with the online learning program Lexia.  SPTC helps monitor student progress and honor students success every month.
  • Volunteer Appreciation (Haley Ellis - LEAD)
    • Every April SES hosts a Volunteer Appreciation breakfast.  Typically within the last few weeks school; this volunteer coordinates decorations, food, and coffee service.
  • Teacher & Staff Appreciation Week (Haley Ellis & Karissa Bilderback LEADS)
    • Teacher and staff appreciation week is a celebration of all of our SES staff.  Throughout the week students have a spirit week and support their teachers and other staff by dressing up.  Meals are also prepared by volunteers for staff during this week.
  • Conference Support (Haley Ellis - LEAD)
    • Twice a year, during fall and spring conferences, food is provided to the staff during their inservice days.

Mylee Card


Mylee serves as the head of the Teacher Support committee and also serves on the Executive Board.  If you are interested in assisting with any of the teacher support programs offered here please contact her here.