School Pride & SPTC Awareness Committee

The School Pride & SPTC Awareness committee works with a team of volunteers to brighten up the school through updating bulletin boards, coordinating spirit weeks, and helping with the spirit sale for Outlaw t-shirts and sweatshirts.

A team of volunteers also serves as the New Student & Family Welcoming Committee to help support our newest Outlaws.

In addition, this committee develops and distributes SPTC Newsletters, both printed and electronic; as well as maintains our SPTC website and Facebook page.

Each activity listed below has a 'lead' volunteer.  Often times additional volunteers are needed.  If you are interested in helping with certain activities please reach out to the committee lead.

  • Bulletin Boards (Clare Neito - LEAD)
  • Spirit Sale (LEAD NEEDED)
  • Spirit Weeks (Homecoming, Teacher Appreciation, Holiday, Dr. Suess)  (Karissa Bilderback - LEAD)
  • New Student & Family Welcome Committee (Karissa Bilderback - LEAD)