School Pride & SPTC Awareness Committee

The School Pride & SPTC Awareness committee works with a team of volunteers to brighten up the school through updating bulletin boards, coordinating spirit weeks, and helping with the spirit sale for Outlaw t-shirts and sweatshirts.

A team of volunteers also serves as the New Student & Family Welcoming Committee to help support our newest Outlaws.

In addition, this committee develops and distributes SPTC Newsletters, both printed and electronic; as well as maintains our SPTC website and Facebook page.

Each activity listed below has a 'lead' volunteer.  Often times additional volunteers are needed.  If you are interested in helping with certain activities please reach out to the committee lead.

  • Bulletin Boards (Clare Neito - LEAD)
  • Spirit Sale (LEAD NEEDED)
  • Spirit Weeks (Homecoming, Teacher Appreciation, Holiday, Dr. Suess)  (Karissa Bilderback - LEAD)
  • New Student & Family Welcome Committee (Karissa Bilderback - LEAD)

Karissa Bilderback


XYZ Parent serves as the head of the School Pride and SPTC Awareness committee and also serves on the Executive Board.  If you are interested in assisting with any of the programs offered here please contact her here.