SPTC Bylaws

Download a PDF version here.

Sisters Parent-Teacher Community By-Laws

Revised and Approved by SPTC Members on March 14, 2017

Sisters Parent Teacher Community (SPTC) will be guided by the following mission statement:

The objective of the SPTC is to promote and support community awareness and support the educational needs of Sisters Elementary School (SES) through financial, social and family support.

  1. Mission & Guiding Principles
  1. The function of the SPTC is as follows:

A. To be a support to the educational programs and ideals of SES.

B. To raise and disperse funds as needed to support the teachers, students and families of SES.

C. To provide guidance and encouragement to families at SES

D. To promote unity and a sense of community through enriching social activities open to families and the community of Sisters.

2)   The Principles of SPTC:

A. SPTC shall be noncommercial, nonpartisan and nonsectarian.

B. SPTC shall promote health and welfare of SES students and their families, shall seek to promote to collaboration between themselves, families, the school and the community at large.

C. SPTC shall have a commitment to inclusiveness and equity and will make every effort to include a diverse population.

2. Membership & Membership Meetings

  1. Membership at all levels shall be open without discrimination to anyone who supports the mission and principles of SPTC.
  2. Meetings: General SPTC meetings will be held once a month every third Tuesday at 8:15 at SES, location determined by Executive Committee.

3. Leadership

1) SPTC Executive Committee will consist of the following:

1) Chair of Family Engagement 

2) Chair of Fundraising - also serves as the Committee Treasurer

3) Chair of School Pride & SPTC Awareness - also serves as the Secretary

4) Chair of Community Partnership

5)Chair of Teacher Support

2) One of the committee chairs will also take on the role of Executive Committee Chair. 

3) SPTC Board will have a minimum of 5 executive officers.  The board will act as the liaison between the full SPTC group, SES Staff, Sisters Schools Foundation (our parent non-profit organization) and our banking institution, Bank of the Cascades.

4) SPTC Executive Committee Chair will serve a 2 year term, at which point he/she may be reappointed or replaced by different individual with majority vote support by the existing members of the Board.

5) All other committee chairs, will be asked to make a one school-year minimum commitment.

6) If an officer position needs to be re-assigned or fulfilled at any point, the SPTC executive committee will do so only with the support of the Executive Committee Chair and majority vote.

7) The function of the officers is as follows:

  1. Executive Committee Chair: oversee all support officers, conduct meetings, to act as liaison between SPTC and the Principal, and to represent and be spokespersons for the SPTC in the community.
  2. Committee Leads: oversee the SPTC functions, goals, and communication in their specified area, and to report on those things at the SPTC meetings.
  3. Treasurer: to keep track of all monies and prepare to report on and disperse money from SPTC accounts as needed, communicate Sisters Schools Foundation as needed.
  4. Secretary: to take minutes of every meeting, and to send minutes out for approval.  Be prepared with previous minutes and bylaws at meetings should anyone request a copy.

8) Should any officer be absent for a meeting or responsibility, they need to delegate their duties to a designated person.  After three (3) absences a new officer will be appointed to their position with proper notification.

4. Fundraising 

1) SPTC raises funds for activities that support all families at SES and teacher grants which impact all students.

5. Any large SPTC decision or event must have Principal's approval and also be discussed by the Executive Committee and voted on if general agreement cannot be made.

6. The Executive Committee Chair of SPTC will use his/her discretion as to how to gathers information and create the agenda, but will need to get committee approval on the agenda prior to the monthly SPTC meeting.

7. Copies of current bylaws will be available from the Secretary at all SPTC meetings or on the SPTC website for anyone wishing to join the SPTC, or to refer to for information about the organization.

Outlaw Nation Mugs & Coffee Sales

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