Our Mission

The Sisters Parent-Teacher Community promotes and supports community awareness and supports the educational needs of Sisters Elementary School through financial, social and family support.

Our Committees

The SPTC is made up of 5 committees, each headed by an Executive Board member.  These committees each have an integral function to support the mission of our organization.

  • Family Engagement
  • Teacher Support
  • Community Service
  • School Pride & SPTC Awareness
  • Fundraising

Click on each of the above committees for a detailed description and how to get involved.

Meet the Executive Board

SPTC Executive Board members help to bring all of the activities together.  They work collaboratively with the SES & District Administration as well as our Parent Non-Profit the Sisters Schools Foundation.

Interested in being on the Executive Board?  Join us for a meeting.  All Executive Board meetings are open for anyone to attend.  Check out the calendar for our meeting schedule.


Erin Borla

Executive Board Member & Co-Chair

Erin serves as the SPTC Chair.  She is the point person who draws up meeting agendas, convenes the meetings and works directly with School Administration.

Erin also leads the Family Engagement Committee which coordinates Family Nights and Book Fair.


Amy Terebesi

Executive Board Member & Community Service Representative

Amy helps with the Community Service aspect of SPTC.  Helping with our Halloween Candy Drive, Sock Drive and PB & J Drive.  Amy also heads up our Feed the Outlaws Fundraiser.



Biz Brent

Executive Board Member & Treasurer/Secretary

The SPTC Secretary/Treasurer position is charged with managing all fundraisers and donation campaigns.  The Treasurer also manages all of the Teacher Grant programs and serves as the SPTC contact person for the Sisters Schools Foundation.


Mylee Card & Stephanie Burke

Executive Board Members

Mylee and Stephanie both sit on our Executive Board as representatives of our teachers and staff at SES.  Mylee is in charge of our BoxTops and Stephanie helps us connect with getting volunteers for in school activities like DIBELS and Running Club.



Karissa Bilderback

Executive Board Member

Karissa helps us coordinate many of our teacher and staff support activities including Staff Appreciation Week and others.

Find a committee...

Visit our committee descriptions page and find what suits your interests.  We would love for you to be involved!